“It’s complicated!”

This  website (especially the blog) is dedicated to helping you simplify your life.

We’re not talking minimalist, austere, less interesting, bland or even boring.

I’m talking flowing, effective, happier and fulfilling in ways you probably can’t even imagine right now.

Images, quotes, posts, tips, techniques and tools are here for one reason..

To help you eliminate barren busyness and feeling-numbing obstructions so you can effectively simplify and enjoy your life.

Personal and Professional

Is your personal and professional stress leading to overwhelm and complications?

How would your life be if you could..



Be simpler..


When your emotions are flowing in a healthy way, complications begin to resolve.

Relationships, work, business, health & life circumstances transform.

They become less of what you don’t want and more of what you truly enjoy.

Life becomes simpler.

If you feel that’s something you want for your life right now, let’s work together to help it happen. You can either go straight to my course here or..

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www.CraigTrafford.comHi, I’m Craig Trafford.

I help people dissolve personal and professional  obstructions by facilitating a healthier flow of emotions, supportive thoughts and behaviours, achieving desired results with less fuss.

Gently release your internal disruptions, pain, anxieties, negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging obstacles.

Finally, experience clarity, inner resourcefulness, resilience, abundance and wellbeing.  Know the gentle power of your authenticity – become unstoppable, be exceptional.

Craig Trafford – Energy Therapy Practitioner & Coach – Est. 1997                                    AAMET EFT Practitioner, EKT Kinesiologist, Cert. Stress Management Tr.

 If you want to move forward in your life on your own terms..

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It’s often said the simple things in life bring the greatest pleasure. And making things simpler can bring untold value to your life. At the core, life itself is a very simple process – it knows what to be and do – this is nature. Some body experts say


Craig Trafford.  AAMET, EKT

Kinesiologist – EFT Practitioner – Coach

Stress Reduction Specialist

Learning & Personal Development Trainer

Established 1997