It’s often said the simple things in life bring the greatest pleasure.

And making things simpler can bring untold value to your life.

At the core, life itself is a very simple process – it knows what to be and do – this is nature.

Some body experts say the human organism is ‘intricately simple and simply intricate.’

This may well be true. The simplicity of life structures – energy in/energy out – facilitate ever-evolving complexities.

You can have a very simple, solid core or foundation around which or upon which you can build the most complicated structures and systems to marvel at.

But if you don’t breathe, it doesn’t matter how complex and brilliant is your genius brain, you would no longer exist (not in your current form, anyway). End of story.

When we’re constantly tense, anxious, over-stressed, out of balance we experience un-ease. If we remain in these energetically disturbed states, this can become dis-ease.

Over time, our emotions, for many reasons can become sluggish and even feel ‘stuck.’

This ‘stuckness’ feels like nothing is moving. We feel no motivation. We don’t even want to to participate in areas of our life – such as work or relationships. Or perhaps we feel afraid, overwhelmed, or that everything is going ‘wrong.’

The great and simple fact about emotions is this: when you fully feel them something in you moves and changes. The energy released by fully-felt emotions can help you move internal mountains – often seemingly without effort.

It’s true that this can be a challenging process for us, after all who willingly wants to feel fear, anger, guilt, helplessness, isolation and other uncomfortable emotions?

But it’s also true that it’s the feeling that does the healing. And with the right tools and processes, your old emotions can be helped to move through, circulate, and to complete their journey, creating internal space for positive states to emerge.

Then everything somehow seems so much simpler.

Just like the simple pleasure of looking at clouds.

Take a couple of moments to reflect on a simple pleasure or two that you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to live without.

Over time I’ll prove to you that these simple pleasures are more precious to you than anything money can buy.

Allowing life to be simpler, suddenly your life will be richer.